Design and Planning


Designing and planning a learning environment is important and several factors must be addressed when developing your plan, such as the number of learners that will be in the room at any one time, the curriculum, the number of lessons per week and the age ranges of the learners.

Collexi designers are experienced in all levels of education, from K-12 to FE/HE requirements. Our team stands ready to deliver  a room design and equipment schedule that not only supports the curriculum but is a safe, engaging, practical and regarded as a high-quality learning environment.

We actively plan safe zones in our DT rooms, room flow and resource requirements in libraries, science rooms that follow CLEAPSS and ASE guidelines…and ensure the aesthetics are inclusive and  encourage learning.

Products and equipment are specialised for educational use; they are not simply industrial or commercial machines repurposed for schools.

We also recognise that Education Organisations need to attract parents and pupils and our specialist rooms are ones that potential entrants find compelling and exciting.

With years of experience in learning environments, we are proud of our reputation for quality and safety at all levels. Contact Us to discuss your design and planning requirements.

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