We have a collection of tips and guides to help support teachers and technicians to inspire pupils, schools to create and build learning environments that have the wellbeing, progress and safety of each pupil is always at the forefront.

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3D Guide

Ultimate 3D Printer Buying Guide

Discover what really makes a reliable and useful 3D printer for your school; check out the differences between printer types, how to ensure you get value for money and much more. Assist your decision making by downloading the ultimate 3D printer buying guide from our specialist Design and Technology company TSL.
Material G

D&T Materials Guides

A handy D&T reference guide to common classroom materials to help you:
# understand material properties and how they’re manufactured
# learn how certain materials are used in manufacturing consumer products
# choose what the best materials are for certain applications
# understand the advantages and restrictions of specific materials.
Lab Design & Build Guides

Laboratory Design & Build Guide

The Laboratory guide filled with key relevant information on how to construct an effective science department to meet standard specification. This guide can also be beneficial to teachers and the learning process.

Designing for Generation Z!

Tips to designing library spaces for generation Z crowd!
Main Guide

Maintenance Guide

Everyday maintenance can be carried out by any maintenance company, but it’s often hard to choose a competent and reliable company to carry out the more stringent requirements. So how can you get the professional service you require?
This guide points out key aspects you should be looking for when identifying a maintenance provider.
Int Sns

D&T Service Solutions

Our international service offering includes installations and refurbishments, design & consultation commissioning and products training, maintenance service fro all types of educational workshops.
Science Top Tips

Top Tips Info Pack

A wide selection of science top tips created by our technical science experts to help teachers inspire children to engage more in science.
Project wide

Project Service Solutions

Creating beautiful functional spaces all from one source – from design to project management and installation. A complete guide to a full project service solution

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