Speakers to the biggest International STEM conference!

We are now members of BESA!

The unique collaboration between two of our specialist group companies, industry leaders Technology Suppliers Ltd and Timstar are co-hosting the upcoming premier STEM Conference in Dubai from 18-20 of May. The aim of the conference is to offer international schools a fantastic opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge within the world of STEM. Drawing on the experience of industry experts and like-minded teachers, a line-up of keynote speakers and workshop leaders who understand the importance of STEM and how to implement it. Here is a list of Speakers and Workshops





Richard Noble,  OBE, Challenger, Entrepreneur, Record Breaker, Motivational Speaker ~ Read more about Richard…

Keynote “Bloodhound Education Works- Inspiration, Aspiration and advanced Education”

Jonathan Boyle, Deputy Head Teacher at Madeley Academy ~ Read more about Jonathan …

Keynote Presentation  “A bright future in Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths and Science”

Workshop “Integrating UVA LED’s into a puzzle with photochromic beads”

Mary Whitehouse, Project Director at the University of York ~ Read more about Mary…

Keynote Presentation  “Good questions”

Workshop  “Developing good questions for STEM learning”

Dr Ken Farquhar, Honorary Lecturer in Science Communication ~ Read more about Ken…

Keynote Presentation “Juggling the STEM Curriculum”

Workshop “Circus of STEM Activities”

Thomas Steele-Maley, Director of Innovation and Technology at GEMS Nations Academy  ~ Read more about Thomas… 

Keynote Presentation From Atoms to Bits and Beyond: Cultivating Dispositions for a world of unprecedented complexity

Workshop  “Learning to Innovate: Capability Blueprints, Design Driven Innovation, Building Cross-Cultural and Interdisciplinary Teams and more”









Topic:   “Innovation X” by  Evo Hannan  Head of Innovation, GEMS International School Al Khail  

 Read more about Evo…

Topic:  “Introduction to the F1 In Schools STEM Challenge & Hints & Tips – Getting the most out of your 1 in Schools Programme”   by Paul Bray, F1 In School Specialist

Read more about Paul…

Topic: “Laminating curved components using a vacuum press” by Darren King  Managing Director, Bagpress

Read more about Darren. 

Topic:  “STEM, Science & Technology – Data Logging & Robotics” Steve Whitley, Managing Director, Data Harvest Group

Read more about Steve …

Topic: “Harnessing Internet of Things and Robotics in Education” Sang Hun ‘Hun’ Oh, Founder & CEO of LUXROBO

Read more about Hun…

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